In accordance with the development covenants designed to protect your investment there is a requirement to have your house plans approved prior to building commencing on your site. This is a straight forward process and if everything is in order approvals are typically issued within 10 working days of receiving the necessary material.

The process and information requirements are as follows:

  1. The bond form (download here) needs to be completed and returned to the developer’s agent Greg Dewe at You also need to let Greg know once the bond has been paid.
  2. Forward the following information to as a pdf document:
    • Site Plan (this needs to identify the location of any street tree or street light in front of your site)
    • Floor Plan
    • Elevations
    • List of exterior materials and colours (this can be included on the Elevations if you like)
    • Landscape Plan of the front yard. If your site adjoins a reserve/walkway reserve/stormwater reserve the landscape plan will also need to include those areas adjoining the reserve. (If you are unsure of the exact plants you will plant you can use generic names such as ‘specimen tree’, ‘shrub’, ‘grasses’, ‘garden flowers’ etc.
  3. If everything is in order your plan approval will be processed and returned via email. The approval will consist of the information provided, which will be signed by the developer’s agent, and a covering letter signed on behalf of the developer by our agent.

  4. Once the dwelling and landscaping of the site has been completed you can then apply for the bond to be refunded. Before doing so please check that any damage to the berm (wheel ruts are a common one) and/or footpath has been repaired and that the edges of the driveway through the berm have been top soiled and grassed. Bond refund requests can be sent to
  5. When applying for the bond refund please include the street address, lot number and a photo(s) of the front of the site that includes the front berm, landscaping, and gates/fences on the side of the garage to screen the service area where required by the plan approval.